Finding genuinely handmade jewelry can be a challenge.

Have you ever ordered jewelry from big, mass producing companies? I have, and unfortunately, I’ve had bad experiences with knock-off items that fall apart easily. These cheap products also come at a high cost to the environment and the people who produce and transport them, not to mention the artists whose work is being copied.

A couple times a year I’m releasing small collections of absolutely beautiful new designs that are, as all my pieces are, completely handmade:

hand carved in wax, hand cast in solid bronze and 925 Sterling silver, filed, sanded and polished.

And I would love it if you check them out if this fits who you are. 

Imagine you could reconnect with the things you love and fight for in your daily life, and express your passions and values with beautiful pieces of completely handmade jewelry

Many creative people express themselves through what they wear in a way that reflects their passions. If you’re like me, these include cultural history, visual arts, equal rights, and the preservation of nature. In a mass-produced society not all people are treated equally, and many of the goods we have available reverberate that by only paying attention to profit margins.

As my very own little defiance of this, I’ve set out to create wearable pieces of art that are made with all my passions in mind. Think of them as tiny artifacts modeled after the past, full of stories and inspired by historical styles and peoples like the Celts, Vikings, the Bronze Age and Art Nouveau. But also as future heirlooms that allow you to have something that reconnects you with the things you love and fight for in your daily life.

Understanding and building on our history and cultures are the best way to reconnect with the things in life that matter most.


I’m Britt, a visual artist and designer with roots in the south of The Netherlands, I was born in the middle of it in 1988, finished my studies there at the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2010 as a Bachelor of Education in Fine Art and Design, and now live in the north.
I make art for people that like to escape the modern world through ancient cultures, history, stories, symbolism and nature. That romantic escapism has followed me around all my life; from a love for Egyptian history as a kid, to painting huge, melancholic landscapes to wander in at Art School and now a great interest in Celtic cultures, the Viking-age and Art Nouveau.

Handmade jewelry

I make jewelry in bronze, silver, antler and precious stones, inspired by past times and nature. The thing I hope you get from my creative work is that warm feeling of nostalgia, a connection with history, whether your roots touch that time and place or not. I want to tell you stories about old symbols, what they’ve meant but also what they can mean to me and you.

My jewelry is for sale through this website in the shop, and at several events. Look here for my current agenda.

Custom work

Besides working as an autonomous artist, I also work for private individuals and companies. I have worked with Vana Events, Rapalje, Mead & More, and Ordevos. Are you looking for someone for a creative solution, are you interested in a custom artwork or illustration, or a unique piece of jewelry that no one else has, completely according to your wishes? Send me a message using the contact form.

I enjoy making these pieces so much that I don’t even keep track of the hours I spend on them.

I don’t even want to know.

When you receive one of my designs, I want you to feel like you’ve received something truly special.

I’m aware that by creating jewelry from precious metals, I’m making luxury items. However, I want you to know that I started doing this because of my passion for history and nature. For the past five years, I’ve been refining my style of incorporating these elements into my art. When I create these pieces, I have someone like myself in mind – someone who desires a piece that will last beyond their lifetime and become a family heirloom, perhaps even a future treasure. My intention is to create a piece that makes them feel like coming home and connected to their tribe of like-minded individuals.

What customers say about my art

Reviews of my shop, taken from Etsy. I have been a seller there for years, before moving most of my designs to my own website.


Frequently asked questions

The one of a kind item that I've had my eye on is sold out. Can you make another one for me?

I can make something similar for you, but with one of a kind designs I’ll never make an exact copy. Send me a message via the contact form, so we can talk about the possibilities.

Will my purchase be shipped with tracking?

Yes it will! All orders are shipped with tracking, in a mailbox package that fits through almost every mailbox.

Can you make a certain design in another material?

In most cases: yes! Send me a message via the contact form, so we can talk about the possibilities.

How do I take care of my wearable piece of art?
  • Avoid getting jewelry wet. Preferably take it off when showering / bathing / swimming.
  • Over time, oxidation can occur in your jewelry. Bronze, brass and copper can darken and turn a bit green. This is not harmfull for your skin though. Silver can become tarnished over time. Clean your bronze, silver, brass and copper jewelry with a polishing cloth. You can use polishing compound, but keep this away from gemstones to prevent them from turning dull. 
  • Keep chemicals found in perfume or cleaning- and skin and hair products away from jewelry with gemstones. Try to avoid sudden changes in temperature. So for example; when blowdrying your hair, take your necklace with a gemstone in it off.
Is there a guarantee on your designs?

I give out a six-month guarantee on defects in workmanship, starting from delivery. Contact me and I’ll make sure you get the warranty. Feel free to reach out in other situations.