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Hoi! Mijn webshop is tijdelijk gesloten, omdat ik momenteel druk ben met het Zomerfolk Festival en Imaginarium als standhouder :) Mijn webshop opent weer ergens in het begin van juli 2024.

Yggdrasil (silver) – one of a kind


Handmade solid 925 Sterling Silver pendant

Yggdrasil is the mythical ash tree that connects the Nine Worlds in Norse cosmology.

It’s closely related to the tree of life: a motive found across many cultures, and the tree of knowledge.
Yggdrasill is associated with both life and death: it acts as a gallows that the Norse god Odin hangs himself from in order to gain mystical knowledge, and it is said to be the source of new life after Ragnarök, the catastrophic final war of the gods.

Old Norse sources mention the nine worlds around Yggdrasil, but their identities are unclear. It’s uncertain if they’re above or around the tree; some references suggest worlds beneath it. Gods are depicted in the sky, connected to the tree by a rainbow bridge (Bifröst).

This concept of a tree traversing worlds is shared in the shamanic lore of northern Eurasia, possibly influenced by the Pole Star being the centre of the heavens. The image of the central tree in Scandinavia may reflect this ancient conception. Siberian Shamans may have used a central tree as a ladder to ascend the heavens.

This pendant is made with Scandinavian petroglyphs as inspiration, and to let you take that all connecting tree with you.

The pendant is handcarved and casted, so each item is unique.

You can choose between a dark brown or black leather cord (1.5 mm thick).
Standard adjustable cord length is 70 cm. Do you want a longer or shorter cord with your pendant? Just let me know!

All orders are shipped with tracking, in a mailbox package that fits through almost every mailbox.

Additional information

Weight 9 g
Dimensions 4.3 × 1.9 × 0.4 cm

Black cotton, Black leather cord, Brown leather cord


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