Hi! My shop is temporarily closed, because I'm busy vending on the Zomerfolk Festival and Imaginarium :) My webshop will reopen somewhere beginning of July 2024. See you then!

Hoi! Mijn webshop is tijdelijk gesloten, omdat ik momenteel druk ben met het Zomerfolk Festival en Imaginarium als standhouder :) Mijn webshop opent weer ergens in het begin van juli 2024.

Serpent ring – size 23


Handmade solid bronze ring

A snake that curls round your finger. Snakes have been seen as the symbol of love, health, disease, medicine, pharmacy, immortality, death and even wisdom.
The ring can be bent a size smaller or bigger.

This ring is handcarved and casted, there is only one available. So it is a one of a kind item.
Note: Bronze can leave green marks on your skin, especially when the pendant is new or when you sweat a lot. But this is not harmful for your skin.

All orders are shipped with tracking, in a mailbox package that fits through almost every mailbox.

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