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Northern Star nr. III (silver) – one of a kind


Handmade solid 925 Sterling Silver pendant

Northern Star nr. III

What if we could rediscover the magic of the night sky, just like our ancestors did?

Throughout history, humans have always connected with the sky, shaping our understanding of the vast Universe. Modern astronomy has revealed more than our ancestors could have imagined, but in seeking precision, we’ve lost some mystery. Reconnecting with the sky in a simple way, like ancient people did, can bring us closer to ourselves, each other, and the world. So, on a dark night, don’t be afraid – just look up and appreciate the stars.

When was the last time you stargazed without any distractions?

The pendant is handcarved and casted, so each item is unique.

You can choose between a dark brown or black leather cord (1.5 mm thick).
Standard adjustable cord length is 70 cm. Do you want a longer or shorter cord with your pendant? Just let me know!

All orders are shipped with tracking, in a mailbox package that fits through almost every mailbox.

Additional information

Weight 13 g
Dimensions 3.9 × 2.9 × 0.4 cm

Black cotton, Black leather cord, Brown leather cord


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