Carnix – one of a kind


Handmade solid bronze pendant.

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This design is based on the Gallic Carnix, a Celtic trumpet that was used to intimidate enemies, found in France. The top of those trumpets had a boar’s head: wild boars are fearsome, dangerous animals and a favorite game animal of the Celts.
The boar is an emblem of fertility, fearlessness and strength, but also stubbornness, war and chaos. As the meat of the boar is prized, it’s also a symbol of hospitality.

This pendant is handcarved and casted, there is only one available. So it is a one of a kind item.

You can choose between a dark brown or black leather cord (1.5 mm thick) or a black cotton cord (1mm thick).
Standard adjustable cord length is 70 cm. Do you want a longer or shorter cord with your pendant? Just let me know!

Note: Bronze can leave green marks on your skin, especially when the pendant is new or when you sweat a lot. But this is not harmful for your skin.

All orders are shipped with tracking, in a mailbox package that fits through almost every mailbox.

Additional information

Weight 38 g
Dimensions 3.8 × 3.3 cm